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BMT Incucell V ECO Forced Air Incubators

The BMT Incucell V ECO’s natural convection is designed for the safe treatment of microbiological cultures. The Incucell V patented forced / mechanical air movement system provides the advantage of precise temperature distribution in the chamber. The Incucell V can be used in biological and microbiological laboratories, quality control tests for pharmacology, cosmetics, veterinary medicine & food and beverage processing are but a few of the applications.

  • Patented forced air convection system for precise uniformity is achieved through vertical & horizontal air flow
  • Microprocessor control with fuzzy logic ensures accurate temperatures without overshooting & flexible and repeatable cycles
  • 304 AISI Stainless steel double wall chamber - Main seamless with rounded corners and inner chamber which is removable for cleaning and sterilization
  • 5 layers of insulation, including 2” of rockwool
  • Smart Handle 4 point locking door with hands free opening and closing
  • 2 chrome plated trays included
  • Shelf brackets are molded into the inner chamber walls and do not penetrate the main chamber walls
  • Pt-100 control sensor
  • Exhaust duct
  • Electronical security device type 2
  • Acoustic and visual alarm
  • 3” transreflective LCD COG display
  • Galvanized sheet metal painted exterior
  • 9 programs, up to 2 segments and 99 cycles
  • Integrated USB Device for Warmcomm
  • Integrated RS 232 for Warmcomm or printer
Part NumberModelVolumeTemperature RangePrice
MC000227 Incucell V 22 ECO0.8 Cubic Feet / 22 LAmbient +10 to 99.9°C$3,878.28
MC000228 Incucell V 55 ECO1.9 Cubic Feet / 55 LAmbient +10 to 99.9°C$4,178.86
MC000229 Incucell V 111 ECO4 Cubic Feet / 111 LAmbient +10 to 99.9°C$5,766.88
MC000230 Incucell V 222 ECO7.8 Cubic Feet / 222 LAmbient +10 to 99.9°C$8,033.20
MC000231 Incucell V 404 ECO14.3 Cubic Feet / 404 LAmbient +10 to 99.9°C$10,917.97
MC000232 Incucell V 707 ECO25 Cubic Feet / 707 LAmbient +10 to 99.9°C$13,488.86