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Digi-Sense® Plus™ Standard Accuracy Blue Spirit Glass Thermometers - Celsius Scale

Digi-Sense® Plus™ Standard Accuracy Celsius Scale Blue Spirit Glass Thermometers are inexpensive and safe for use in laboratories, universities, food/beverage, environmental, wastewater, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and many other general-purpose applications. Choose from partial immersion or total immersion thermometers.

Thermometers feature permanently fused markings, blue spirit liquid, white background glass and are also individually serial numbered. Include a ring top and a factory statement of accuracy.

Part NumberRangeResolutionAccuracyImmersionPrice
9026000 –10 to 110°C2°C±3°C; ±4°C above 100°CPartial$28.71
9026017 –10 to 110°C2°C±3°C; ±4°C above 100°CTotal$33.14
9026001 –10 to 150°C2°C±3°C; ±4°C above 100°CPartial$33.14
9026018 –10 to 150°C2°C±3°C; ±4°C above 100°CTotal$33.14
9030025 –100 to 50°C1°C±1.5°C; ±3°C below -35°CPartial$61.86
9030028 –100 to 50°C1°C±1.5°C; ±3°C below -35°CTotal$64.07
9030024 –50 to 50°C2°C±3°C; ±6°C below -35°CPartial$55.23
9026002 –35 to 50°C1°C±1.5°C; ±2°C above 100°CPartial$33.14
9026003 –20 to 110°C1°C±1.5°C: ±2°C above 100°CPartial$37.55
9026020 –20 to 110°C1°C±1.5°C: ±2°C above 100°CTotal$37.55
9026004 –20 to 150°C1°C±1.5°C; ±2°C above 110°CPartial$39.77
9026021 –20 to 150°C1°C±1.5°C; ±2°C above 110°CTotal$44.18
9026022 –10 to 225°C2°C±4°C; ±5°C above 100°C; ±6°C above 200°CTotal$39.77
9026005 –10 to 260°C2°C±4°C; ±5°C above 100°C; ±6°C above 200°CPartial$50.81