Lab Companion Programmable Refrigerated/Heated Circulating Bath - AAH57653U

General features

  • Alert function when deviation from control temperature upper limit and lower limit occurs
  • Easy and convenient to use with simple operation
  • Clear VFD panel for clear information display
  • Applies smart refrigeration system using Lab Companion’s technology
  • Optimized control reduces overall power consumption
  • Easily removable condenser grill structure
  • Equipped with advanced filter with flat plate structure. in refrigeration condenser
  • Compact structure design

Structural Features

  • Internal circulation and internal/external circulation of solution
  • Refrigerator stopped automatically when it rises too high of temperature, saving power, extending freezer life, and reducing noise generation
  • High-efficiency refrigeration through application of electronic expansion valve
  • Built-in bath cover with handle
  • Internal bath with seamless integral structure (except RW3-3025, 3035 models)
  • Stainless steel material inside and at the top of the bath is excellent in terms of corrosion resistance and clean maintenance
  • Left and right handles for convenient handling
  • Drain valve for easy draining of bath solution
  • Easy-to-clean refrigerator condenser filter
  • Equipped with easy-to-move/install caster
  • 8 models provided according to temperature range, capacity, etc
  • 5-steps pump speed adjustment with simple operation

Safety Features

  • Top-rated overheating protection system (Registration KR 10-0397583)
  • Over temperature limiting function
  • Prevention of mal-operation with controller lock function
  • Check and alert of temperature sensor abnormality
  • If an error occurs during operation, the details of the error are displayed on the screen and an alarm is sounded
  • Safe structure in which the heater, sensor, and pump inside the bath are separated by covering plates

Convenience Features

  • Temperature calibration of up to 3 points provides more reliable temperature control
  • Optimized control with auto-tuning
  • Save and use 3 frequently used temperatures
  • Wait On/Off timer (up to 999 hours 59 minutes)
  • Microprocessor PID method for precise temperature control
  • USB/RS-232 connection and software provide convenient computer operation and data management
  • Notification of low solution (low level limiter)
  • Automatic restart of operation when power is restored after power failure
  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected (mobile monitoring system)
    (when purchased LC GreenBox)
Part number: AAH57653U
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Model :RW3-1025P
Capacity :10 L
Temperature Range :-25℃ to 150℃
Temperature Stability :±0.05°C
Cooling Capacity :380 W @ +20℃ / 270 W @ 0℃ / 150 W @ -20℃
Internal Dimensions LxWxH :6.1" x 8.3" x 7.1" / 15.4 x 21.1 x 18 cm
External Dimensions LxWxH :20.9" x 14.4" x 30.7" / 53.2 x 36.6 x 78 cm
Weight :97 lbs / 44 kg
Power :120V/60Hz; 12.6 A