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Ohaus Frontier™ FC5515R Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge


The Ohaus Frontier™ 5515R refrigerated microliter benchtop centrifuge provides high-speed operation for spin-down applications requiring a wide variety of tube volumes and capacities. With refrigeration capabilities, 10 acceleration/deceleration settings, multiple safety features, and an unmatched capacity, Frontier provides stable liquid separation for life science applications requiring high-speed operation.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel that Supports Simple Operation - The intuitive control panel with rotary knob puts the centrifuge’s simple operations at your fingertips, including the ability to set and recall speed and g-force, as well as control the temperature.

Sophisticated Technology that Drives High-Performance - A powerful brushless induction motor, 10 acceleration and deceleration settings, and memory for up to 99 commonly used parameters are a few of Frontier’s features that propel high-performance.

Several Safety Features that Protect Against Injury - Among Frontier’s safety attributes are a motorized lid locking system and a rotor imbalance sensor that stops the centrifuge if the rotors become imbalanced or sudden shock occurs, protecting the operator from by the high-speed spinning rotors.

Seven Rotor Sizes that Provide Flexibility for Varied Centrifugation Needs - Compatible with seven different rotors, more than any centrifuge in its class, the highly versatile Frontier can be used for various applications of different volumes.

Part Number: 30130869
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Speed Range :200 to 15200 rpm; 10 rpm/set
Maximum RCF :21953 x g; 10 x g/set
Maximum Capacity (Rotor) :44 x 1.5/2.0 ml; 12 x 5 ml
Temperature Range :-20° to 40°C, 1°C/set
Running Time :10 sec to 99 hr 99 min 59 sec, or Continuous
Noise Level :≤ 57 + 2 dB(A)
Power :120V/50-60Hz/5.1A/560W
Dimensions LxWxH :11.3" × 22.1" × 11.5" (287 × 561 × 292 mm)
Weight :77 lb (35 kg)