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PRO Scientific PRO250 Laboratory Homogenizer


The PRO Scientific PRO250 Laboratory Homogenizer is a powerful, versatile homogenizer ideal for a wide range of lab applications, including but not limited to compounding, emulsions, and suspensions, cell disruption, protein extraction medical research or pharmaceutical processing.

It is lightweight enough to be used handheld yet has extra torque for processing larger and/or difficult samples. Two optional stands are available for the PRO250 homogenizer. A separate ON/OFF switch effortlessly allows for the dial knob speed control to remain at your ideal homogenizing speed. 

Combining the power of a ¾ hp, 576 watt motor with a smooth variable speed control, the PRO250 homogenizer unit handles a wide range of sample sizes. It can be used with a range of probes ranging in diameter from 5mm to 30mm, it can process samples from 50ml to 5L.

  • Noise level of only 72 dB
  • Handheld or post to PRO250 stand
  • Made in the USA with 2 year warranty
  • Generator probes and accessories are sold separately
  • Application-specific packages are available

High Power and Variable Speed: The PRO250 homogenizer delivers 576 watts of high-power homogenization in a compact handheld unit with a variable speed range from 5000 to 30000 rpm.

High Quality Probes: The PRO Scientific generator probes are precision crafted to ensure efficient and effective homogenization. They are manufactured with 316SS to ensure chemical compatibility with reagents. SS probe diameter range from 5mm to 30mm.

Suited for Samples Ranging from Non-viscous to Highly Viscous: Maximum processing volumes for non-viscous samples (vegetable oil consistency) is 5L. Maximum processing volume for more viscous samples (such as lotions) is 2L to 3L, and for extremely viscous samples (such as honey) is 500ml to 750ml. Addition of the acetal resin deflector head enhances homogenization power.

Built-in Sensors to Improve Durability: The PRO250 Homogenizer is durable and can process samples for hours at a time. It is equipped with a sensor to prevent overheating and protect the motor unit from damage due to processing an overload of highly viscous samples or high volumes.

Greater Longevity: Improved 3-step connection between PRO Homogenizer and generator probe improves stability, durability, and prolongs the life of the generator probe.

Produce Ultrafine Nano Particles: PRO Scientific generator probes have very tight clearance between the rotor knife and stator tube, resulting in a higher yield breakdown of particles in a shorter period of time. Under the most efficient homogenizing conditions, it can produce “ultrafine” particles within the nano-emulsion range (1 micron/1000 nanometers).

Part Number: 01-01250AU
Attribute nameAttribute value


Volume :50 ml to 5 L
Speed Range :Analog Variable 5,000 to 30,000 rpm
Noise Level :72 dB
Dimensions OD x L :2¾" x 8½"
Weight :2.1 lbs
Power :576 W