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PRO Scientific Quick Connect Generator Probes - 02-05075


When it comes to homogenizing, the key is the generator probe as this is the item that actually goes into your sample. Whether you are equipping your PRO Homogenizer with one of our standard Generator Probes or our unique 12-Pack of Multi-Gen 7XL Generator Probes to homogenize your samples, you will get consistent results each and every time.

All PRO Scientific Quick Connect Generator Probes are precision crafted to ensure efficient and effective homogenization and are manufactured out of 316SS to be chemically compatible with your sample and reagents.

Yhe quick connect design allows for the generator probe to become engaged/disengaged in seconds and provides safety over competitor generator probes that are screwed on/tightened or clamped into place.

Manufactured out of 316 stainless steel and PTFE for the utmost in chemical compatibility. They are precision-crafted, which allows for quick, effective and repetitive processing, meaning you will get the results you want each and every time.

Engineered to be take apart easily and cleaned between samples, disassembly/reassembly is done in a few seconds.

PRO generator probes are designed to be anti-foaming and be cleaned by any procedure include chemically cleaning, autoclaving, and flaming.

Complete replacement parts for the generator probes are available, thereby extending the life of this valuable piece of equipment.

Part Number: 02-05075
Attribute nameAttribute value


Dimensions OD x L :5 x 75 mm
Volume :0.5 to 5 ml
Type :Flat bottom, ideal for soft samples; micro-tubes with samples below 0.4ml