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VanGuard® ISH Series High-Definition Digital Cameras - 1400-CDPC-3


VanGuard® ISH-Series High-Definition Digital Cameras produce high definition live images and video for the documentation and archival of clinical, life science, ad material science laboratory imaging analysis. With resolution up to 3856 x 2764 and the included software, the IS series cameras are a perfect match for many science applications.

  • 3MP, 5MP, or 10MP models
  • Up to 3856 x 2764 resolution
  • High speed USB 3.0 interface
  • ½” or 1/2.5” CMOS image sensors
  • Live image analysis
  • Still and video capture modes
  • Automatic exposure & white balance
  • 8-Bit A/D converter
  • ISCapture software

Equipped with ½”, 1/2.5”, or 1/2.3” CMOS image sensors, VanGuard ISH series digital cameras deliver exacting image clarity and color. The on-chip 8 bit A/D converter is capable of operating at up to 40fps. ISH series digital cameras come standard with the following features: still & video capture modes, automatic/manual exposure control, manual gamma control, and automatic/manual balance control.
The compact design and standard C-mount lens adapter of the ISH series cameras allows them to be easily installed on essentially any microscope with an existing camera port or available eyetube. No separate power cable is required for the ISH series cameras; video, power, and full camera control are all enabled with a single USB cable.

The full-featured imaging software allows the user to easily control all of the camera’s advanced settings and has a simple but powerful graphic interface. Full capture solutions are included to provide the user with the ultimate in live image analysis and archival.

Part Number: 1400-CDPC-3
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Resolution :3 Megapixels
For Use With :1220CM / 1321BRi / 1323PHi / 1333PHi / 1421BRi / 1423PHi / 1431BRi / 1433PHi