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VeeGee Glassco Separatory Funnels - 20149-500


VeeGee Glassco Separatory Funnels meet ASTM E-1096 type 4 specifications for classification, design, and markings. These separatory funnels feature smooth tooled tips, large, white block letters, and large marking squares. Supplied with PTFE stopcocks to eliminate freezing and lubricant contamination and to provide a precision fit within the barrel. The stopcock bores, body openings, and stem are carefully aligned for even liquid flow with fast cut-off. Made from Schott DuranĀ® borosilicate tubing with a low coefficient of expansion. Borosilicate tubing also provides uniform wall thickness resulting in the optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. All supplied with a polyethylene ST stopper.

  • Squibb style
  • Pear-Shaped
  • Standard Taper Stopper
  • PTFE Stopcock
Part Number: 20149-500
Attribute nameAttribute value


Capacity :500 ml
Stopper Number :27