Euromex BioBlue Compound Microscopes - EBB-4260

Clear and bright images at every magnification. The modern Euromex BioBlue Compound Microscopes  are developed for educational purposes with a primary focus on ergonomics and today’s quality standards. These microscopes are supplied with secure eyepieces and adjustable rack stop to prevent damage to sample and objectives.

  • WF 10x/18mm eyepiece(s)
  • Binocular and trinocular models
  • Model with integrated 7-inch LCD screen
  • Integrated X-Y mechanical stage
  • Height adjustable Abbe A.N. 1.25 condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder
  • LED models with rechargeable AA batteries and integrated power supply
  • Reversed nosepiece for four semi plan objectives
  • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustments with rack stop
  • Binocular and trinocular models supplied with 1W NeoLED™ illumination for increased light output
  • Ergonomic stand
  • Provided with APL (Antimicrobial Protection Layer)
  • Available EBB-4253-DC18 microscope bundle includes a CMEX-18 pro digital camera
  • CE certified
  • 10 Year warranty

The DIN WF 10x/18 eyepieces and the semi plan achromatic corrected 45mm DIN objectives of the BioBlue models generate a crisp high-resolution image. When changing magnification, the image remains perfectly in focus and centered. The 130 x 130mm stage with double layered 70 x 28mm X-Y mechanical stage enable a 2μm precision positioning of the specimen.

Part number: EBB-4260
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Head :Binocular 30º, 360º rotating, 48 to 75mm interpupilar, ±5mm diopter on left tube
Eyepiece :WF10x/18mm
Objective :Semi Plan 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, S40x/0.65, S100x/1.25, oil immersion objectives
Illumination :1W NeoLED™, rechargeable batteries (cordless)
Camera :-
Screen :-