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Cargille Refractometer Standards - 1806X


Cargille refractometer standards come with a letter of NIST traceability certification. Calibrate your refractometer with either oil or water.

Cargille refractive index oil is standardized at 589.3 nanometers (D line) and 25°C and has temperature coefficients and dispersion values listed on the label.

Cargille refractive index certified water uses ACS reagent grade water measured for refractive index at 589.3 nm on a high precision Pulfrich, standardized with NIST traceable standards.

Part Number: 1806X
Attribute nameAttribute value


Type :Oil
Brix Value :60.00% @ 20°C
Refractive Index Value :1.4420 nD @ 20°C
Refractive Index Accuracy :±0.0002 nD
Quantity :¼ oz / 7.4 ml