New Era Syringe Pump Cables - CBL-PC-PUMP-25

RS-232 Pump To PC Primary Network Cable : Allows for full control of the pump from a computer. DB-9 adapter connects to 9-pin serial port (25-pin adapters available upon request). Attaches to RS-232 communications port of pump. Available in 7 or 25 ft.

RS-232 to USB Converter : Adds an RS-232 serial port to your computer by attaching to a USB port. Attaches to RS-232 Primary Network Cable (CBL-PC-PUMP-7). Includes software driver CD. 

RS-232 Pump Network Secondary Cable : Allows networking of two or more pumps or other device to a single computer port. Requires first device to be connected with Primary Network Cable. Utilizes the RS-232 communications port of device. Available in 7 or 25 ft.

100FT DB9 Male To Female Extender Cable : 100 foot extension cable for TTL logic port. Works with foot switch, hand pendant, BNC trigger cable.

Part number: CBL-PC-PUMP-25
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Description :RS-232 Pump To PC Primary Network Cable 25 ft