Euromex NexiusZoom EVO Stereo Microscopes - ENZ-1703-P​

NexiusZoom EVO Stereo Microscopes allow you to examine your specimen with high precision, generating three-dimensional images, suitable for your highest demanding applications. These top-level zoom microscopes are perfect for analyzing all kinds of material surfaces or observing and preparing biological samples.

  • Binocular and trinocular heads with HWF 10x/22mm or HWF 10x/23mm eyepieces (EVO)
  • 0.65x – 5.5x zoom with clip stop (6.5x – 55x) objectives
  • Double 3W LED illumination
  • Plain with clips, black/white and clear plates stage
  • Large working distance
  • Zoom ratio 1: 8.4, 6.5x to 55x
  • Ergonomic stands
  • Configurations up to 220x magnification
  • CE certified
  • 10-year warranty

These stereo microscopes can be supplied with a choice of stands, with or without LED illumination. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications.



Part number: ENZ-1703-P​
Attribute nameAttribute value


Illumination :3W LED incident and transmitted simultaneously
Stand :Pillar, WD:110mm
Camera :-