Euromex Oxion Inverso Inverted Microscope - EOX-2053-PLPH

The Oxion Inverso Inverted Microscope is useful for the observation of living organisms and tissue cultures in cell culture dishes and flasks.

The inverted Oxion Inverso biological microscopes are available for phase contrast applications. Specific objectives compensate the 1.2mm thick bottoms of the petri dishes or culture dishes.

  • Trinocular 45º inclined,  54-75mm interpupillar head with diopter adjustment on left eye tube 
  • HWF plan 10x/22mm eyepieces
  • Plan phase 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40, 40x/0.60 IOS objectives 
  • 250 x 230mm X-Y stage with extension included. Metal insert Ø65mm stage, metal insert 76 x 26mm for slides
  • A.N. 0,30 with iris diaphragm. Slider with PH rings for 4x/10 and 20x/40x objectives
  • Life Science applications
  • Phase contrast
  • Revolving quintuple nosepiece
  • Observation of tissue cultures, living cells
  • Long working distance IOS
  • 5W LED transmitted illumination
  • CE certified
  • 10-Year warranty
Part number: EOX-2053-PLPH
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