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Interscience JumboMix® 3500 Laboratory Blenders - 033230


Interscience JumboMix® 3500 Laboratory Blenders are adapted to any volume between 200 ml and 3500 ml and guarantees homogenization in 30 to 60 seconds for all samples (up to 400 g). It is equipped with a patented system of 2 adjustable paddles to adapt itself to any sample. It is great for sample pooling and features a multifunction screen that enables easy control of the blending parameters.

  • Maximum capacity up to 3750 ml - Suitable for any volume from 200 ml to 3500 ml, the JumboMix® blends, in 30 to 60 seconds, all types of samples up to 375 g. It is compatible with 2000 and 3500 ml bags.
  • Optimal bacterial extraction - The peristaltic movement of the paddles allows optimal bacterial extraction during blending, without risk of cross-contamination. In 30 seconds, the sample is ready for analysis.
  • Adjustable blending power - The adjustable blending power enables the blending of any type of sample. With a powerful pressure up to 22.6 kg, even the hardest samples won’t resist (pet food, nuts, pills, seeds, etc.).
  • Sample pooling - The JumboMix® is ideal for sample pooling. The large capacity of the blending chamber allows grouping the samples up to 400 g for better analytical sensitivity. For example: 5 samples of 25 g diluted to 1/10th in the same bag.
  • Click & Clean - Click-on paddles allow complete cleaning of the unit. This patented system allows you to click-off and click-on the paddles in one second to access the entire blending chamber.
  • Great ergonomics - The optional JumboStand cart improves the ergonomics of the workstation by placing the JumboMix® at a suitable height. And it leaves more space on the bench-top.
  • Q-Tight closure - The Q-Tight closure has been especially designed to prevent leaks from the top during blending.
  • Warranty - The JumboMix® has a lifetime warranty on shock absorbers. Simply send back the warranty card and receive a free 3 year warranty extension.

The JumboMix® 3500 W CC comes with a window door that enables a quick check-up of the blending progress.

The JumboMix® 3500 WarmMix CC has a heated door which guarantees blendings that require regulated temperature. from 20°C to 50°C (68°F to 122°F). It is particularly adapted for Trichinella research in pork meat analyses.

Part Number: 033230
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Model :3500 WarmMix CC
Capacity :200 to 3750 ml
Blending Time :Variable @ 1 Second to 59 Minutes or ∞
Blending Speed :Variable @ 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 Strokes per Second
Features :Window Door
Dimensions LxWxH :63 x 50 x 47 cm
Weight :63 kg
Power :110-120V/50-60Hz