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Interscience MiniMix® 100 Laboratory Blenders - 013230


The most compact blender in the world, Interscience MiniMix® 100 Laboratory Blenders automatically blend any solid sample in a sterile bag and allows safe and easy extraction of bacteria. You can pipet and analyse the filtrate without any risk of alteration or cross contamination. This is the safest and most economical sample preparation method. MiniMix® 100 incorporates the Click & Clean® and side-by-side paddle stopping systems, an adjustable blending strength system, and a multifunction screen for easy control of the blending parameters.

  • Optimal bacterial extraction - Bacterial extraction occurs during blending, without risk of cross-contamination. The sample is then ready to be analyzed.
  • Adjustable blending power - The blending chamber adapts itself to the nature and the size of the sample for optimal bacterial extraction.
  • Click & Clean - Click-on paddles allow complete cleaning of the unit. This patented system allows you to click-off and click-on the paddles in one second to access the entire blending chamber.
  • Q-Tight closure - Designed to prevent capillary rise and leakage from the top of the bag during blending.
  • User-friendly - Adjust the time and blending speed according to the nature and volume of the sample: from 1 second to open-running.
  • Warranty - The MiniMix has a lifetime warranty on shock absorbers. Simply send back the warranty card and receive a free 3 year warranty extension.

The MiniMix® 100 W CC features a window door to permit a quick check-up at-a-glance.

Part Number: 013230
Attribute nameAttribute value


Model :100 W CC
Capacity :5 to 80 ml
Blending Time :Variable @ 1 Second to 59 Minutes or ∞
Blending Speed :Variable @ 3, 6, 9, 12 Strokes per Second
Features :Window Door
Dimensions LxWxH :20 x 37.5 x 20 cm
Weight :11.8 kg
Power :110-120V/50-60Hz