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Multilevel Powder Slot Sampler - 1210A-300


The Multilevel Powder Slot Sampler is ideal for taking a large volume, cross sectional powder samples from a container. This all layer sampler has a robust all stainless steel construction and is suitable for sampling free flowing powders, granules and even slightly cohesive powders. It takes a fast cross-sectional, all layer sample and is available in 316L stainless steel and aluminium; the stainless steel version is ideal when chemical resistance is required.

The Slot Sampler is easy to use. It consists of an inner and outer stainless steel tube. Push into the powder in the closed position. When inserted turn the handle to open the sampler - this allows the powder and granule to enter the sampler. Close and remove sampler. The stainless steel version has a removable tip for easy cleaning.

Other tips can be attached to the stainless steel version to make them more pointed (ideal when the powder is dense) or more rounded (used when you do not want to puncture a bag or filter cloth).

Part Number: 1210A-300
Attribute nameAttribute value


Material :316L Stainless Steel
Dimensions OD x L :25 x 300 mm
Number of Totals :3
Total Volume :45 ml