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Nageotte Chamber Counting Chamber - 5400


The Nageotte Chamber Counting Chamber allows one to manually count low leukocyte concentrations below the capabilities of a standard Hemacytometer. The Nageotte contains two gridded counting areas each containing 40 rectangular areas. Total volume of each grid is 50 ml for a total volume of 100 ml per Nageotte. The Nageotte can accurately measure down to 0.1 cell/ml (100 cell/ml). Cell Depth is 0.5 mm. Available with an H-shaped moat (4000) that separates the two gridded areas or without a moat (4001). The Nageotte Chamber comes with two reusable cover slips (30 x 33 x 0.5 mm) and ½ oz (approximately 35 pieces) of disposable cover glasses (30 x 33 x 0.15 mm).

Part Number: 5400
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Description :Reusable Cover Glasses (30 x 33 x 0.5 mm)