New Era Peristaltic Pump Tubing - Q-TP-FD1-3/16

Industrial Grade Tubing :  It will not weaken or crack after years of exposure to heat and ozone. Handles temperatures from -75°F (-60°C) to 275°F (135°C). It is heat sealable and can be joined without fittings. It also has excellent resistance to inorganic (acids and bases) fluids. With its outstanding flexural fatigue resistance and high temperature capability, Industrial Grade Tubing outlasts and outperforms virtually all other general service tubing in peristaltic and vacuum pump applications.

Chemical Resistant Tubing : Virtually unaffected by acids, bases, ketones, salts, and alcohols, and resistant to highly aggressive chemicals, fitting the requirements of many applications from battery acid filling to hazardous material handling. It is entirely plasticizer-free, which minmizes risk of fluid contamination. The exceptionally smooth inner surgace inhibits particulate buildup. The low sorption maintains fluid integrity. Meets USP Class VI criteria. Maximum working temperature 165°F. 

PharMed® Tubing : Ideal for use in peristaltic pumps and cell cultures. PharMed® tubing is less permeable to gases and vapors than silicone tubing and is ideal for protecting sensitive cell cultures, fermentation, synthesis, separation, purification, and process monitoring and control systems. 

Food Grade Tubing : Formulated to withstand the high temperatures frequently occurring during food and beverage processing. Even following extended exposure to heat and ozone, Food Process Tubing will not crack or deteriorate as commonly found when using traditional rubber tubing. Temperature resistant from -60°F to 275°F. Compatible with virtually all common sanitizers and cleaners. Extremely flexible, can be autoclaved repeatedly, and meets FDA, 3-A and NSF criteria.

*All tubing is sold in intervals of 5 ft

Part number: Q-TP-FD1-3/16
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Type :Food Grade
For Use With :NE-9000B
Dimensions :3/16"ID x 5/16"OD x 1/16" Wall
Colour :Tan