Nutri-Bact Dehydrated Culture Media - QB-39-3509

High quality Nutri-Bact Dehydrated Culture Media is available in more than 800 formulations for use in the isolation, detection, and cultivation of various species of microorganisms.

For each batch of products, control tests are carried out on a representative number of samples to check for homogeneity, pH, clarity, partial vacuum, sterility, and efficiency, depending on the case. Each batch produced bears a distinct number, and the results of various analyses are recorded and kept for reference.

Raw materials are obtained from global suppliers who must meet strict quality control standards before being used. All animal products (blood, serum) come from Canadian herds under constant surveillance in order to ensure the general good health of all animals. The sterility of the blood of each animal is rigorously controlled before standardization.

2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg quantities available upon request.

Part number: QB-39-3509
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Formulation :Palcam Listeria Selective Agar
Quantity :500 g