Scilogex iPette Plus Electronic Single Channel Variable Volume Pipettors - 71510301

Scilogex iPette Plus Electronic Single Channel Variable Volume Pipettors bring form and function together, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The LED display and easy tip ejection system are designed for left or right handed use. The lightweight design, comfortable handle and finger hook with light activation tip ejector ensures effortless repeatable pipetting.

  • High accuracy, high performance stepper motor ensures accuracy and repeatability, eliminating manual pipetting errors
  • Integral tip ejector for access into narrow tubes
  • Functions - PI (Pipetting), ST Multi-Dispensing, DI Series Dispensing
  • 2 buttons handle all operational settings
  • Light weight, ergonomic design, small body dimension for easy handling for fatigue free pipetting
  • Used with 'universal' pipette tips
  • Adjustable speeds for aspiration and dispensing
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • AC power adapter and charging wall stand included
  • No down-time - can be used while charging
  • Self calibration - iPette can be connected to a PC via USB for calibration by the user; third party calibration is not required
  • Auto power-off after 30 seconds of inactivity
  • 1 year warranty

Functions including aspirate/pipette speed, multi-dispensing, dilutions, mixing, volume selection, etc., are easily programmed. A convenient wall AC charging stand is included for fast charging. Volume adjustment is simply selected by turning the thumb plunger mechanism and locked to prevent accidental volume change.

Quality tested according to ISO8655-2:2002 and supplied with individual calibration certificates. The quality control includes gravimetric testing of each pipette with distilled water at 22°C.

Part number: 71510301
Attribute nameAttribute value


Range :100 to 1000 µl
Resolution :1 µl
Test Volume :1000 µl / 100 µl
Accuracy :±0.60% / ±3.00%; ±6.00 µl / ±3.00 µl
Precision :±0.20% / ±0.60%; ±2.00 µl / ±0.60 µl