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Sterlitech Nylon Membrane Filters - NY06547100


Super-strong, hydrophilic Sterlitech Nylon Membrane Filters are supported by inert polyester and provide high protein binding, solvent resistance, and dimensional stability for HPLC sample preparation, biological/buffer sterilization, medical assays, and high temperatures.

  • Superior strength for easy handling
  • Lot-to-lot consistency provides reproducible results every time
  • Passes USP Class VI toxicity testing
  • High nucleic acid binding capacity
  • Low extractables ensure clean results
  • Compliant for food contact under the applicable regulations in 21CFR177

These versatile nylon membrane filters are specifically designed to wet-out evenly and retain membrane integrity without cracking, tearing, curling or breaking. Produced through a proprietary manufacturing process that impregnates a polyester support web with nylon, these filters exhibit consistent chemical/physical properties, flow rates, and overall product uniformity due to rigorous quality standards applied in every step. Because of their superior strength, our nylon membranes can withstand aggressive handling and use with automated equipment. In addition to their compatibility with most aqueous and alcoholic solvents and solutions, our nylon membrane filters are also widely used for vacuum degassing. Nylon’s natural hydrophilic tendency and material properties eliminate the need for wetting agents that interfere with biological processes and provide a large surface area for the effective immobilization of antigens, antibodies, DNA, RNA, and many other proteins. Our nylon membranes are also designed to support high diffusion and low-flow resistance with an impressive 70-85% void volume.

5.0 µm pore sizes is also available.

Part Number: NY06547100
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Pore Size :0.65 µm
Diameter :47 mm
Quantity :Pack/100