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VeeGee Scientific Combined Form °F Brix Hydrometers - 6601TS-10F


VeeGee Scientific combined form Brix hydrometers with °F thermometer are calibrated to show the percentage of sucrose by weight at 68°F. The Brix scale is based on the following: 1° Brix = 1% sucrose by weight at specified temperature (68°F). The data of the National Bureau of Standards are used.
The thermometer scale is located in the body and has a range of +30 to 150°F with 2° subdivisions. A correction scale for conversion of reading to 68°F is printed opposite the temperature scale.

  • Calibrated to show percent sucrose by weight
  • Wide variety of Brix ranges available
  • Safetyblue °F scale
  • Approximate length 330mm
Part Number: 6601TS-10F
Attribute nameAttribute value


Range :0 to 35°