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VeeGee Scientific MDX Series Portable Digital Brix/RI Refractometers - 48102


VeeGee Scientific Portable Digital Brix Refractometers deliver digital accuracy and high-end features for specific applications. Sugar scales are ideal for applications in the food & beverage industry.

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Removable grip & prism cover for easy cleaning
  • Continuous loop read features (15 reads)
  • Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)
  • Zero with distilled water
  • IP67 rating for detecting unit, IP65 for remainder
  • 3nm LED
  • Stainless steel prism well
  • °C/°F switchable temperature display
  • 1 year warranty
Part Number: 48102
Attribute nameAttribute value


Model :MDX-102
Brix Range :0.0 to 90.0% Brix
Brix Resolution :0.1% Brix
Brix Accuracy :±0.2% Brix
Refractive Index Range :1.3330 to 1.5300 nD
Refractive Index Resolution :0.0001 nD
Refractive Index Accuracy :±0.0003 nD