Accuris One-Step RT-PCR Kit - PR1100-50

The Accuris One-Step RT-PCR Kit has been formulated for cDNA synthesis and subsequent PCR in a single tube for end-point analysis. This latest generation RT-PCR Kit consists of an MMLV-derived, thermostable Reverse Transcriptase (45°C to 55°C), an advanced RNase Inhibitor and Accuris Hot Start Taq for ultra-sensitive one-step RT-PCR from as little as 1pg total RNA starting material.

  • Convenient cDNA synthesis and PCR in a single tube from 1pg total RNA
  • Formulated for highly specific and sensitive RT-PCR from any RNA templates
  • Incorporates thermostable reverse transcriptase and Hot-Start Taq for preparation at room-temperature

The optimized buffer chemistry allows for efficient reverse transcription and PCR of problematic sequences with significant secondary structure (such as GC-rich targets). The Accuris One-Step RT-PCR Kit is ideal for determining the presence or absence of RNA templates and quantifying expression through qualitative analysis of RNA transcription levels. The kit also efficiently synthesizes double-stranded cDNA for subsequent gene expression analysis.

Each 50 reaction kit includes:

  • 1 tube of 20X thermostable RTase (RNase inhibitor included)
  • 1 tube of 2X One-Step Mix (PCR enhancers, 2mM dNTPs, & 6mm MgCl2
Part number: PR1100-50
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Description :Accuris One-Step RT-PCR Kit
Quantity :50 Reactions