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Advantec Unlaminated PTFE Hydrophilic Membrane Filters

Advantec's line of unsupported, hydrophilic, pure PTFE membranes are ideally suited for use in HPLC separations and other applications involving mixtures of aqueous and organic solvents.

Choosing PTFE as a filtration medium ensures maximum chemical compatibility, wide-ranging thermal/pH resistance, and high flow rates/minimal aqueous extractables. In addition to the durability provided by PTFE support, these membranes also offer a unique affinity for water. This dynamic integration of chemical properties facilitates optimal sample analysis and allows users to realize more efficiencies with minimal process times. With no need to pre-wet the membrane or flush pre-wetting chemicals, these hydrophilic membranes are able to maintain filtration integrity, allow optical clarity when wet, reduce interference with biological processes, and maximize shelf-life.

Part NumberPore SizeDiameterQuantityPrice
H010A013A 0.1 µm13 mmPack/100$253.44
H010A025A 0.1 µm25 mmPack/100$292.79
H010A047A 0.1 µm47 mmPack/100$394.77
H010A090C 0.1 µm90 mmPack/25$311.88
H010A142C 0.1 µm142 mmPack/25$530.06
H010A293D 0.1 µm293 mmPack/10$962.12
H020A013A 0.2 µm13 mmPack/100$253.32
H020A025A 0.2 µm25 mmPack/100$292.79
H020A047A 0.2 µm47 mmPack/100$394.77
H020A090C 0.2 µm90 mmPack/25$311.88
H020A142C 0.2 µm142 mmPack/25$446.73
H020A293D 0.2 µm293 mmPack/10$907.92
H050A013A 0.5 µm13 mmPack/100$253.32
H050A025A 0.5 µm25 mmPack/100$292.79
H050A047A 0.5 µm47 mmPack/100$394.77
H050A090C 0.5 µm90 mmPack/25$311.88
H050A142C 0.5 µm142 mmPack/25$446.73
H050A293D 0.5 µm293 mmPack/10$907.92
H100A013A 1.0 µm13 mmPack/100$253.32
H100A025A 1.0 µm25 mmPack/100$312.83
H100A047A 1.0 µm47 mmPack/100$422.40
H100A090C 1.0 µm90 mmPack/25$311.88
H100A142C 1.0 µm142 mmPack/25$468.62
H100A293D 1.0 µm293 mmPack/10$924.51