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Azlon Low Density Polyethylene Bottles

Translucent, low density polyethylene bottles with leak-proof PP screw closure are available with a wide or narrow mouth. Made from FDA approved resin for use with food products. Bottles have greater flexibility and impact resistance than HDPE bottles.

  • Leak-proof
  • Translucent
  • FDA approved resin
  • Flexible
  • Polypropylene closure
Part NumberStyleCapacityQuantityPrice
301665-2 Wide Mouth60 mlPack/12$73.80
301665-4 Wide Mouth125 mlPack/12$47.40
301665-8 Wide Mouth250 mlPack/12$80.40
301665-16 Wide Mouth500 mlPack/12$100.80
301665-32 Wide Mouth1000 mlPack/6$83.10
301685-4 Narrow Mouth125 mlPack/12$47.40
301685-8 Narrow Mouth250 mlPack/12$63.60
301685-16 Narrow Mouth500 mlPack/12$89.70
301685-32 Narrow Mouth1000 mlPack/6$73.20