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Babcock Test Bottles

Easily measure the percentage of butter fat content in your sample with these specialized bottles. The body of each bottle is a reaction chamber, while the graduated neck is a measuring device, with precise and thin calibration lines for superior readability. Use the Babcock bottles for measuring liquids and small samples. The Paley bottles feature a large opening on the side of the body to easily accommodate larger or viscous samples, and includes 3 rubber stoppers. All bottles measure 6½"/165 mm height.

Part NumberDescriptionSubdivisionToleranceSample SizePrice
209703 50% Paley Cheese Bottle0.5%±0.25%9 gram$163.50
209705 20% Paley Cheese Bottle0.2%±0.20%9 gram$161.75
209707 0.5% Skim Milk Babcock Bottle0.05%±0.025%18 gram$96.98
209709 8% Milk Babcock Bottle0.1%±0.04%18 gram$62.98
209711 20% Ice Cream Babcock Bottle0.2%±0.20%9 gram$53.10
209713 50% Cream Babcock Bottle0.5%±0.25%9 gram$51.88