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Cederroth Eye Wash Station


The Cederroth Eye Wash Station has been designed to enable you to get help as quickly as possible. The station has space for two bottles which open automatically when you twist them out of their brackets. The transparent windows allow for visual inspections of contents and the upper compartment includes a rubber gasket to keep out dust and humidity.

With the Salvequick bandage dispenser, the bandages are always available and ready to use. The bandages pull downwards, which avoids getting any dirt or blood on the other bandages. The refills are locked away to prevent any waste. Extra space for other products means that you can adapt the content in your station to the specific needs of your workplace.

  • Contains 1 Salvequick bandage dispenser including 40 fabric bandages and 45 plastic bandages, eye wash instructions, and 1 key
  • Eye wash solution sold separately
  • Recommended for use in multiple locations in a facility for quick response to injuries
Part Number: 721500
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Dimensions :29 x 56 x 12 cm