Compact Dry™ Prepared Media Plates

Compact Dry™ is a simple and safe procedure to determine and quantify microorganisms in food and beverage, raw materials, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and internal environmental monitoring. The ready-to-use Compact Dry™ chromogenic plates are suitable for both in-process and final product controls.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Self-diffusing media - no need for a spreader
  • Room temperature storage vs competitive products with storage at temperatures less than or equal to 8ºC
  • Rigid transparent plates with removable lid - no leakage
  • Innovative stacking design
  • Easy to label
  • Ability to subculture without damage to colonies
  • Widest available parameters and broadest application
  • Convenient, fast and accurate results
Part NumberModelPathogenQuantityPrice
54051 Compact Dry™ TCTotal Plate CountPack/100$124.20
54051-CS Compact Dry™ TCTotal Plate CountCase/1400$1,159.20
54052 Compact Dry™ ECE. coli/ColiformPack/100$167.40
54052-CS Compact Dry™ ECE. coli/ColiformCase/1400$1,562.40
54053 Compact Dry™ CFColiformPack/100$172.80
54053-CS Compact Dry™ CFColiformCase/1400$1,612.80
54054 Compact Dry™ YMYeast and MoldPack/100$172.80
54054-CS Compact Dry™ YMYeast and MoldCase/1400$1,612.80
54055 Compact Dry™ ETBEnterobacteriaceaePack/100$216.00
54055-CS Compact Dry™ ETBEnterobacteriaceaeCase/1400$2,016.00
54056 Compact Dry™ ETCEnterococcus ssp.Pack/100$388.80
54056-CS Compact Dry™ ETCEnterococcus ssp.Case/1400$3,628.80
54057 Compact Dry™ XSAStaphylococcus aureusPack/100$191.70
54057-CS Compact Dry™ XSAStaphylococcus aureusCase/1400$1,792.80
54058 Compact Dry™ SLSalmonella ssp.Pack/100$820.80
54058-CS Compact Dry™ SLSalmonella ssp.Case/1400$7,660.80
54060 Compact Dry™ LSListeria ssp.Pack/100$405.00
54060-CS Compact Dry™ LSListeria ssp.Case/1400$3,780.00
54061 Compact Dry™ AQHeterotrophic WaterPack/100$172.80
54061-CS Compact Dry™ AQHeterotrophic WaterCase/1400$1,612.80
54062 Compact Dry™ PAPseudomonas aeruginosaPack/100$820.80
54062-CS Compact Dry™ PAPseudomonas aeruginosaCase/1400$7,660.80
54063 Compact Dry™ YMRYeast and Mold RapidPack/100$194.40
54063-CS Compact Dry™ YMRYeast and Mold RapidCase/1400$1,814.40
54064 Compact Dry™ ECOGeneric E. coliPack/100$216.00
54064-CS Compact Dry™ ECOGeneric E. coliCase/1400$2,016.00
54067 Compact Dry™ LMListeria monocytogenesPack/100$820.80
54067-CS Compact Dry™ LMListeria monocytogenesCase/1400$7,660.80
54068 Compact Dry™ BCBacillus cereusPack/100$388.80
54068-CS Compact Dry™ BCBacillus cereusCase/1400$3,628.80
54069 Compact Dry™ TCRTotal Plate Count RapidPack/100$159.30
54069-CS Compact Dry™ TCRTotal Plate Count RapidCase/1400$1,486.80
6749 Compact Dry™ VPVibrio parahaemolyticusPack/100$820.80
6749-CS Compact Dry™ VPVibrio parahaemolyticusCase/1400$7,660.80