Compact Dry™ Prepared Media Plates - 54054-CS

Compact Dry™ is a simple and safe procedure to determine and quantify microorganisms in food and beverage, raw materials, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and internal environmental monitoring. The ready-to-use Compact Dry™ chromogenic plates are suitable for both in-process and final product controls.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Self-diffusing media - no need for a spreader
  • Room temperature storage vs competitive products with storage at temperatures less than or equal to 8ºC
  • Rigid transparent plates with removable lid - no leakage
  • Innovative stacking design
  • Easy to label
  • Ability to subculture without damage to colonies
  • Widest available parameters and broadest application
  • Convenient, fast and accurate results

Yeast and mold display different colony morphology and color due to the chromogenic substrate present in the media. X-Phos is degraded by growing yeast presenting a blue coloration of the colony, yeast will appear as blue or cream colonies. Bacterial growth is inhibited by antibiotics. The head space in the Compact Dry™ plate allows mold to develop their characteristic filamentous shape due to growing mycelium.

Part number: 54054-CS
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Model :Compact Dry™ YM
Pathogen :Yeast and Mold
Incubation :25°C for 5–7 days
Quantity :Case/1400