Hellma Analytics produces a wide range of cuvettes for use in spectroscopy and cytometry with optical path lengths spanning 0.01mm to 100mm and above. Thanks to their stability, maximum precision and reliability when used for absorbance and fluorescence measurements, Hellma cuvettes work exceptionally well in a wide range of areas in the lab. With a surface flatness of 1 μm, our quartz windows set a benchmark in cuvette production.

What’s more, the function-optimized design with beveled edges and corners protects against the risk of damage caused by splitting and assists users in their daily work. On request, we are able to produce custom models designed for specific areas of application.

  • Extremely high parallelism of the windows with a maximum tolerance of ±0.01mm
  • Exceptional optical path length accuracy down to 0.003mm (3µm) for high dimensional accuracy and reproducible measurements results
  • Unique surface flatness of the optical windows of 0.001mm (1µm)
  • Very high temperature stability and chemical resistance due to thermal bonding of individual components (effectively monolithic)
  • Guaranteed transmission of at least 82% from 200nm to 3500nm depending on the material

Measuring of cuvette transmission

If required, cuvettes can be spectrally calibrated into sets with equal transmission values (measurement uncertainty ±1%). These cuvettes are given a three-digit calibration code containing coded data about the material and the transmission at a wavelength typical for the cuvette material.

Polarimetric checking of cuvettes

Cuvettes with an inside width greater than 5 mm can be polarimetrically checked on request. They are marked with a “P” and delivered with a test certificate confirming that the rotation of the polarization plane does not exceed 0.01 degrees.