DAN Logitech Analog Heating Mantles

DAN Logitech Analog Heating Mantles include a case constructed of durable stainless steel and aluminum materials. The temperature level is adjustable up to 400° C. Knitted mantle is made from glass fiber yarn and designed to securely hold round bottom flasks with the top half of the flask visible during operation. Available in various sizes to hold flasks from 100ml to 5000ml capacity. Includes a spill collect system to drain solution if a flask breaks during use.

Part NumberCapacityMaximum TemperaturePowerPrice
1220.DNEU.01 100 ml400°C200 W$457.36
1220.DNEU.02 250 ml400°C200 W$465.24
1220.DNEU.03 500 ml400°C200 W$505.49
1220.DNEU.04 1000 ml400°C250 W$514.81
1220.DNEU.05 2000 ml400°C350 W$652.30
1220.DNEU.06 3000 ml400°C500 W$669.69
1220.DNEU.08 5000 ml400°C500 W$693.54