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Eisco Glass Low-Form Griffin Beakers

Made of high quality heavy duty borosilicate 3.3 glass, Eisco Glass Low-Form Griffin Beakers have uniform walls to provide excellent strength against breakage.

  • 10 to 2000ml beakers feature dual scale graduations, as per ASTM-E960
  • 3000 to 10000ml beakers feature single scale graduations, as per DIN 12231
  • Spout for easy pouring
  • Microwavable and autoclavable, with superior chemical durability
  • Low temperature gradient can withstand high temperatures & thermal shocks
  • Strain point -515°C, annealing point 565°C, softening point 820°C
Part NumberCapacityQuantityPrice
CH0124A10 10 mlPack/12$35.06
CH0124A20 20 mlPack/12$40.01
CH0124A30 30 mlPack/12$40.01
CH0124B 50 mlPack/12$49.50
CH0124C 100 mlPack/12$54.45
CH0124D 150 mlPack/12$65.34
CH0124E 250 mlPack/12$84.15
CH0124F 400 mlPack/12$123.77
CH0124G 600 mlPack/6$79.20
CH0124H 800 mlPack/6$99.42
CH0124I 1000 mlPack/6$117.57
CH0124J 2000 mlPack/4$88.00
CH0126M 3000 mlEach$82.50
CH0126N 5000 mlEach$134.75
CH0126O 10000 mlEach$330.00