Eisco Scientific Class A Burets w/PTFE Stopcock

Eisco Scientific Class A Burets are constructed of high quality borosilicate glass with straight bore interchangeable PTFE stopcocks.

  • Class A accuracy as per ISO 385, DIN 12709, ASTM-E287 standard
  • Blue graduations
  • Strain point: -515°C
  • Annealing point: 565°C
  • Softening point: 820°C
  • Calibrated to deliver
Part NumberCapacityGraduationsTolerancePrice
CH0240B 25 ml0.10 ml±0.05 ml$67.69
CH0240C 50 ml0.10 ml±0.05 ml$69.48
CH0240D 100 ml0.20 ml±0.10 ml$81.27