Elmasonic E Plus Series Ultrasonic Baths

The Elmasonic E Plus series Ultrasonic Baths are an excellent choice in ultrasonic cleaners for just about all general ultrasonic cleaning jobs. The 9 cleaner models in the E Plus series are the easiest to use in the Elmasonic family. The intuitive control panel is a study in simplicity.

  • Easily operated, mastered in minutes
  • Fast, thorough cleaning or mixing at 37 kHz ultrasonic frequency
  • Select your tank size from 8 capacities
  • Durable lid helps reduce sound, solution evaporation and serves as a drip tray
  • Cavitation-resistant stainless steel tank
  • Ergonomic handles make it easy to move
  • Side mounted drain valve and port (EP60H units and larger) to remove spent solution
  • Superior German engineering
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty from your purchase date
  • Practical optional accessories for special tasks

Once you set your Elmasonic E Plus ultrasonic cleaner’s cleaning temperature and time you can lower the optional basket and parts into the solution, place the lid on the tank to reduce noise and liquid evaporation then attend to other matters. What could be easier?

The Elmasonic E Plus is an ideal entry level ultrasonic bath for laboratories. Select Pulse mode operation for routine sample preparation. Intermittent spikes of ultrasonic power quickly mix, dissolve, disperse, and homogenize samples. Choose Pulse mode to rapidly degas solvents and solutions.

Part NumberModelFeaturesVolumePrice
1071649 EP10Standard0.8 L / 0.2 Gallons$708.70
1071647 EP10HHeat0.8 L / 0.2 Gallons$853.10
1071653 EP20HHeat1.75 L / 0.5 Gallons$940.50
1071657 EP30HHeat2.75 L / 0.75 Gallons$1,198.90
1071665 EP40HHeat4.25 L / 1 Gallon$1,675.80
1071667 EP60HHeat and Drain5.75 L / 1.5 Gallons$1,882.90
1071670 EP100HHeat and Drain9.5 L / 2.5 Gallons$2,204.00
1071672 EP120HHeat and Drain12.75 L / 3.5 Gallons$2,844.30
1071674 EP180HHeat and Drain18 L / 5 Gallons$3,796.20
1071676 EP300HHeat and Drain28 L / 7.5 Gallons$4,558.10