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Globe Scientific Certified General Purpose Pipette Tips

Globe Scientific Certified General Purpose Pipette Tips are an economical choice for all routine applications and certified free from human DNA, DNase, RNase, pyrogens and PCR inhibitors.

  • Produced on state-of-the-art, fully automated production equipment in a cleanroom using fully automated equipment
  • Certified free from human DNA, DNase, RNase, pyrogens and PCR inhibitors
  • USP Class IV and ISO 10993 certified
  • Available non-sterile in bags, sterile or non-sterile in racks, and non-sterile in reloading stacks
  • Produced from medical grade virgin polypropylene (PP)
  • Natural colour
  • All tips are graduated for accurate measurements
  • Universal fit design provides an airtight fit on most brands of pipettors

Part NumberVolumeLengthSterilityPackagingQuantityPrice
151154 0.1 to 10µl31 mmNon-SterileBulkPack/1000$32.25
151154R-96 0.1 to 10µl31 mmNon-SterileRack/96Case/960$84.15
151154RF 0.1 to 10µl31 mmNon-SterileTray/96Case/960$62.10
151154RS-96 0.1 to 10µl31 mmSterileRack/96Case/960$95.10
151156 0.1 to 10µl45 mmNon-SterileBulkPack/1000$32.25
151156R-96 0.1 to 10µl45 mmNon-SterileRack/96Case/960$84.15
151156RF 0.1 to 10µl45 mmNon-SterileTray/96Case/960$62.10
151156RS-96 0.1 to 10µl45 mmSterileRack/96Case/960$95.10
151145 0.1 to 20µl45 mmNon-SterileBulkPack/1000$32.25
151145R-96 0.1 to 20µl45 mmNon-SterileRack/96Case/960$84.15
151145RF 0.1 to 20µl45 mmNon-SterileTray/96Case/960$62.10
151145RS-96 0.1 to 20µl45 mmSterileRack/96Case/960$95.10
151150 1 to 200µl54 mmNon-SterileBulkPack/1000$35.55
151150R-96 1 to 200µl54 mmNon-SterileRack/96Case/960$87.75
151150RF 1 to 200µl54 mmNon-SterileTray/96Case/960$63.75
151150RS-96 1 to 200µl54 mmSterileRack/96Case/960$96.75
151151 1 to 300µl59 mmNon-SterileBulkPack/1000$34.95
151151R-96 1 to 300µl59 mmNon-SterileRack/96Case/960$87.60
151151RF 1 to 300µl59 mmNon-SterileTray/96Case/960$64.95
151151RS-96 1 to 300µl59 mmSterileRack/96Case/960$98.10
151153 100 to 1250µl84 mmNon-SterileBulkPack/1000$52.50
151153R-96 100 to 1250µl84 mmNon-SterileRack/96Case/576$60.90
151153RF 100 to 1250µl84 mmNon-SterileTray/96Case/480$40.65
151153RS-96 100 to 1250µl84 mmSterileRack/96Case/576$71.55
151158 100 to 1300µl98 mmNon-SterileBulkPack/500$25.80
151158R-96 100 to 1300µl98 mmNon-SterileRack/96Case/576$73.35
151158RF 100 to 1300µl98 mmNon-SterileTray/96Case/576$47.55
151158RS-96 100 to 1300µl98 mmSterileRack/96Case/576$84.30