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Globe Scientific Mini Transfer Pipets

Most popular size for use in diagnostic test kits and where small volume samples are required.

Part NumberCapacityBulb DrawDrops per mlTotal LengthSterilityPackagingQuantityPrice
138040 1.2 ml0.9 ml2565 mm (2.56")Non-SterileBulkPack/500$44.25
138040-S01 1.2 ml0.9 ml2565 mm (2.56")SterileIndividually WrappedPack/500$85.20
138040-S20 1.2 ml0.9 ml2565 mm (2.56")SterileBag/20Pack/500$67.05
134010 1.3 ml1 ml4551 mm (2.0")Non-SterileBulkPack/500$50.70
134020 1.5 ml1 ml50104 mm (4.1")Non-SterileBulkPack/400$48.30
134020-S01 1.5 ml1 ml50104 mm (4.1")SterileIndividually WrappedPack/400$65.25
136036 1.5 ml0.9 ml21116 mm (4.6")Non-SterileBulkPack/500$44.25
136036-S01 1.5 ml0.9 ml21116 mm (4.6")SterileIndividually WrappedPack/500$79.65
136036-S20 1.5 ml0.9 ml21116 mm (4.6")SterileBag/20Pack/500$61.65
138020 1.7 ml0.9 ml2587 mm (3.4")Non-SterileBulkPack/500$44.25
138020-S01 1.7 ml0.9 ml2587 mm (3.4")SterileIndividually WrappedPack/500$68.85
138020-S20 1.7 ml0.9 ml2587 mm (3.4")SterileBag/20Pack/500$52.65
136020 4 ml3 ml2485 mm (3.4")Non-SterileBulkPack/500$44.25
136020-S01 4 ml3 ml2485 mm (3.4")SterileIndividually WrappedPack/500$77.85
136020-S20 4 ml3 ml2485 mm (3.4")SterileBag/20Pack/500$58.05