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Polypropylene Buchner Funnels

Polypropylene Buchner Funnels are unbreakable and resistant to corrosion and heat. Two-piece construction allows top and bottom to be separated for easy cleaning. The funnels are fully autoclavable, feature excellent chemical resistance, and are approved for use with food products.

Part NumberFilter Paper SizeCapacityStem LengthPrice
600437 42.5 mm40 ml47 mm$24.75
600438 55 mm70 ml57 mm$27.90
600439 70 mm180 ml57 mm$29.10
600440 80 mm285 ml65 mm$35.85
600441 90 mm390 ml68 mm$42.90
600442 110 mm810 ml92 mm$57.30
600443 160 mm2100 ml105 mm$100.05
600445 240 mm6000 ml143 mm$172.35