Globe Scientific Separate PCR Tube Strips & Caps Strips

  • Ultra-thin wall design (only 0.2mm thick) for optimal temperature transfer
  • Certified free of detectable DNase, RNase, Human DNA, PCR inhibitors and tested Pyrogen free
  • Easy open/close lids prevent sample loss
  • Flat (qPCR) or domed cap strips
Part NumberDescriptionColourQuantityPrice
PCR-02S 0.2ml 8-Strip Tubes, No CapsNaturalPack/125$169.02
PCR-02S-12 0.2ml 12-Strip Tubes, No CapsNaturalPack/125$186.30
PCR-02DC 0.2ml 8-Strip Dome Caps, No TubesNaturalPack/125$49.82
PCR-02FC 0.2ml 8-Strip Flat Caps, No TubesOptically-Clear for qPCRPack/125$49.82
PCR-02DC-12 0.2ml 12-Strip Dome Caps, No TubesNaturalPack/125$54.81
PCR-02FC-12 0.2ml 12-Strip Flat Caps, No TubesOptically-Clear for qPCRPack/125$54.81