Globe Scientific Single Tab Snap Caps

These Globe Scientific Single Tab Snap Caps are an effective way to recap blood drawing tubes, glass test tubes and plastic culture tubes. They are precision molded from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and maintain a tight seal during centrifugation, agitation and refrigeration procedures. They are available in bright translucent colors for sample identification purposes. The caps feature a single thumb tab for easy removal and close nesting in tube racks.

  • Ecomical way to recap glass tubes, regardless of manufacturer
  • Available in seven transparent colors that correspond to Vacutainer┬« cap colors: Natural, Blue, Green, Lavender, Red, Gray, and Yellow
  • Caps can be written on with indelible ink for easy sample identification
  • Prevents spills and evaporation by employing a liquid tight seal
  • Made of Polyethylene (PE)
Part NumberSizeColourQuantityPrice
113139B 10 mmBlueCase/1000$101.55
113139C 10 mmClearCase/1000$101.55
113139G 10 mmGreenCase/1000$101.55
113139L 10 mmLavenderCase/1000$101.55
113139R 10 mmRedCase/1000$101.55
113139Y 10 mmYellowCase/1000$101.55
113142A 12 mmGrayCase/1000$70.95
113142B 12 mmBlueCase/1000$70.95
113142C 12 mmClearCase/1000$70.95
113142G 12 mmGreenCase/1000$70.95
113142L 12 mmLavenderCase/1000$70.95
113142R 12 mmRedCase/1000$70.95
113142Y 12 mmYellowCase/1000$70.95
113146A 13 mmGrayCase/1000$47.88
113146B 13 mmBlueCase/1000$47.88
113146C 13 mmClearCase/1000$47.88
113146G 13 mmGreenCase/1000$47.88
113146L 13 mmLavenderCase/1000$47.88
113146R 13 mmRedCase/1000$47.88
113146W 13 mmWhiteCase/1000$47.88
113146Y 13 mmYellowCase/1000$47.88
113148A 16 mmGrayCase/1000$50.04
113148B 16 mmBlueCase/1000$50.04
113148C 16 mmClearCase/1000$50.04
113148G 16 mmGreenCase/1000$50.04
113148L 16 mmLavenderCase/1000$50.04
113148R 16 mmRedCase/1000$50.04
113148W 16 mmWhiteCase/1000$50.04
113148Y 16 mmYellowCase/1000$50.04