GVS Prepared Media Liquid Ampoules

GVS Prepared Media Liquid Ampoules provide an extensive range of culture broths and solutions for the cultivation, detection and enumeration of bacteria yeast, fungi, viruses, pathogens and molds.

Each nutrient-rich liquid media is specifically developed for use in the analysis of drinking water, surface water, milk, juice, beverages, sugar based drinks, food and pharmaceutical samples.

These ready to use liquid medias are packaged in individual pre-portioned 2ml ampoules for ease of use.

All liquid medias undergo detailed quality control checks in accordance with standard methods, guaranteeing uniform preparation every time.

Comprehensive end product testing ensures a stable sterile liquid media for optimal culture growth.

Part NumberDescriptionQuantityPrice
10496101 M-Green Yeast & MoldPack/50$125.00
10496102 M-TGE Total Count BrothPack/50$125.00
10496103 M-Endo Coliform BrothPack/50$83.93
10496104 Orange Serum BrothPack/50$87.39
10496106 Preservative Resistant MediaPack/50$83.00
10496108 WL NutrientPack/50$124.20
10496109 Wallerstein Differential BrothPack/50$100.50
10496112 MRS BrothPack/50$83.80
10496113 Total Count with TTCPack/50$83.80
10496114 M-FC with Rosolic Acid BrothPack/50$102.97
10496116 M-Green SelectPack/50$89.64
10496119 Pseudomonas Isolation BrothPack/50$85.76
10496120 M-Enterococcus BrothPack/50$102.97
10496121 Mannitol Salt BrothPack/50$128.00
10496124 M-FC BrothPack/50$87.57
10496125 KF StreptococcusPack/50$105.60
10496146 Cetrimide BrothPack/50$88.36
10496151 Heterotrophic Plate Count Broth with IndicatorPack/50$85.64
10496164 Heterotrophic Plate Count Broth without IndicatorPack/50$85.64
10496192 MI BrothPack/50$110.00