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Hanna Instruments Standard pH Buffer Solutions

Hanna Instruments Standard pH Buffer Solutions have been dyed for easy buffer identification. Hanna calibration buffers have the lot number and expiration date clearly marked on the label and are air-tight with a tamper-proof seal to ensure the quality of the solution. Hanna’s line of calibration buffers have been specially formulated to have an expiration of 5 years from the date of manufacture for an unopened bottle.

  • Dyed for easy buffer value identification
  • Accuracy of ±0.01 pH @ 25°C
  • Temperature chart of the actual pH value at various temperatures printed on each bottle
  • Air-tight bottle with tamper-proof seal to ensure quality
Part NumberpH ValueColourSizePrice
HI7004C 4.01Red500 ml$22.50
HI7004/1L 4.01Red1 L$29.50
HI7004/1G 4.01Red1 Gallon$67.00
HI7007C 7.01Green500 ml$22.50
HI7007/1L 7.01Green1 L$29.50
HI7007/1G 7.01Green1 Gallon$67.00
HI7010C 10.01Violet500 ml$22.50
HI7010/1L 10.01Violet1 L$29.50
HI7010/1G 10.01Violet1 Gallon$67.00