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Hausser Dark-Line Etched Hemacytometer

The Hauuser Dark-Line Etched Hemacytometer is of one piece construction, ensuring long term durability and accuracy. An H-shaped moat forms two counting areas, or plateaus. A "V" slash at the loading side of each plateau facilitates charing and reduces the possibility of overflow into the moat. Each plateau features enhanced Neubauer rulings. The ruled surface is 0.1 mm below the cover glass, limiting the volume of blood or fluid over a square mm at 0.1 cubic millimeters and over each of 400 squares (within the central square mm) to 0.00025 cubic millimeters. Contact of the flat, polished cover glass surface with cover glass supports produces an exact volume of fluid over the counting area.

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
3510 Counting Chamber Only$390.15
3500 Counting Chamber w/2 Cover Glasses$417.69
3520 Complete Set$631.89
5000 Replacement Cover Glass$52.50