Hygiena AlerTox® Sticks Allergen Test Kits

Designed especially to help manufacturers keep their items free of antigens that may cause allergic reactions, Hygiena AlerTox® Sticks are a rapid, user-friendly test for the detection and qualification of main food allergens with no lab equipment or scientific knowledge required.

  • 10 Minute Assay
  • No Cross-reactivity
  • Highly Sensitive
  • Quick & Reliable
  • HACCP, ISO 2200, BRC and IFS Compliant
  • All-in-one Kit

Round Out Your Allergen Prevention Program - For everyday protein residue detection, try AllerSnap® - a quick color-changing swab test that detects a wide range of proteins. Verifying effective protein removal between changeovers is a quick way to ensure sanitation protocols are effectively removing potential allergens on surfaces.


Part NumberAllergenLimit of DetectionQuantityPrice
KIT 3033 Almond20 ppm of almond proteinPack/10$244.95
KIT 3018 Beta-lactoglobulin2.5 ppm of beta-lactoglobulinPack/10$244.95
KIT 3019 Beta-lactoglobulin2.5 ppm of beta-lactoglobulinCase/25$497.55
KIT 3021 Casein2.5 ppm of caseinPack/10$244.95
KIT 3022 Casein2.5 ppm of caseinCase/25$574.11
KIT 3036 Crustacean10 ppm of dried raw shrimp proteinPack/10$244.95
KIT 3025 Egg1.25 ppm of ovalbuminPack/10$244.95
KIT 3026 Egg1.25 ppm of ovalbuminCase/25$574.11
KIT 3038 Fish5 ppm of dried raw cod protein (Gadus Morhua)Pack/10$244.95
KIT 3035 Hazelnut20 ppm of hazelnut proteinPack/10$244.95
KIT 3040 Mustard Seed2 ppm of raw, unprocessed mustard seed proteinPack/10$244.95
KIT 3094 Peanut1 ppm of raw or roasted peanut proteinPack/10$244.95
KIT 3096 Sesame3 ppm of sesame seed proteinPack/10$244.95
KIT 3097 Soy1.5 ppm of soy proteinPack/10$244.95
KIT 3098 Soy1.5 ppm of soy proteinCase/25$574.11
KIT 3015 Total Milk2.5 ppm of milk proteinPack/10$244.95
KIT 3016 Total Milk2.5 ppm of milk proteinCase/25$574.11
KIT 3092 Walnut2.25 ppm of walnut proteinPack/10$244.95