Hygiena CalCheck LED Calibration Verification Device

The Hygiena CalCheck LED Calibration Verification Device is a reusable, convenient LED device to quickly and reliably verify the calibration on your luminometer - in less than one minute! Though all Hygiena luminometers run a calibration self-check at startup, a robust quality control program will often require proof that your instrument is calibrated. CalCheck provides all-in-one, reusable positive and negative calibration verification, activated simply by the click of a button.

Confirm calibration in seconds - CalCheck is a reusable positive and negative calibration verification device. In two simple steps, you can verify both negative and positive values to verify your Hygiena luminometer is in calibration.

Record calibration history for audits - In-house calibration checks confirm the Hygiena luminometer is working properly and demonstrate due diligence that a monitoring system is in control. CalCheck verifies your instrument’s calibration in-house as part of a quality control program and eliminates the need for manufacturer calibration checks, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

Powered by standard batteries - The CalCheck LED will turn red when the battery needs to be replaced. Simply replace the standard coin-size CR1025 lithium battery and you are good to go. No hassle… no fuss.

Compatible with all Hygiena luminometers - Whether you have a SystemSURE Plus, EnSURE or EnSURE Touch, CalCheck is the perfect companion and an essential device to support your food safety SOP and conquer your food safety audits.

Includes one reusable calibration device featuring both positive and negative control modes. Shelf life is 5 years.

Part number: CAL