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LactiCheck™ LC-3X Milk Analyzer


The LactiCheck™ LC-3X Milk Analyzer can test skim milk, various processed milks (1%, 2%, whole), full fat products (coffee creamer/half & half and cream) and raw milk. The LC-3X delivers accurate, reliable results in just one minute. Easy to use with no pipetting required, the instrument also features an audible ‘Time to Clean’ reminder - ensuring greater compliance with standard maintenance requirements.

the LactiCheck™ LC-3X can easily be integrated into milk reception (raw milk), process control (skim milk and/or cream) and final quality control. This instrument can also provide composition results for cheese ‘recipes’ or yogurt formulations to ensure consistency and compliance with quality requirements.

Providing real time results for a comprehensive composition profile, from milk reception to final quality testing, the LC-3X is a robust, reliable, compact, simple to operate and affordable dairy analyzer. Developed in response to market demand for testing a wide range of products, this LactiCheck™ delivers results for raw milk, various drinking milks, cheese and yogurt recipes and even cream! Three channels can be calibrated to measure raw milk, skim milk and various processed milks. No reagents are required, making for exceptionally affordable results in just one minute. Integrate this analytical tool into your chain of supply to optimize outcomes including quality and profitability. Ensure you have the data you need, when you need it, and where you need it. Results can be automatically saved to a computer for immediate access for further reporting and trending needs.

Milk Reception/Quality Control: Locate in Milk Reception to access incoming milk for fat, solids, added water, protein, etc. in just 60 seconds! Individual suppliers of raw milk can also be tested to assist in management of your supply chain.

Process Monitoring: Make sure your skim milk is coming in at targeted levels. Confirm that cream is being properly separated. Accurately check various fat levels (Skim [measure down to 0.2%], 1%, 2%, and whole milk) in bottled milk with confidence. Access your cheese recipes (or yogurt vat) for consistent composition.

Artisanal, Boutique and Specialty Cheese Makers: Test raw milk, cheese recipes and cream to ensure consistent quality. Optimize Fat/Protein Ratios as appropriate.

Dairy Processors: Use at satellite locations like milk reception to take pressure off the central lab. Integrate into your system as a back-up to more automated composition analyzers to reduce down-time during regular maintenance, re-calibration or training on your MIR, FTIR or NIR instruments.

Farmstead Processing: Confirm compliance with labeling requirements for bottled milk (skim, reduced fat, etc.) while checking correct separation functionality of cream separators. Enhance herd management for optimizing feed formulations, calf replacement formulae and herd heath.

Yogurt Makers: Know that the milk coming in meets your standards. Check yogurt ‘recipes’ to ensure that the mixture is consistent so that quality is reliable.


  • Sample cups
  • Cleaning solvent concentrate and protein cleaner
  • Cleaning sheet with SoP (laminated) and manual pump
  • LactiCAL™-1 & LactiCAL™-3 calibration controls
  • Power cord, waste hose and waste container
  • Comprehensive user's guide

Optional equipment:

  • LactiLog™ data collection package
  • CheeseCrafter™ total production & quality control program
  • DC power connector
  • LactiTote™ sturdy canvas carrying bag
  • LactiPrinter™ thermal RS-232 portable printer
  • USB interface for use with LactiLog™
  • CompuLog™ portable data logger
  • LactiPrep™ automated sample rocker
Part Number: LC-3X
Attribute nameAttribute value


Cow Milk Fat :Raw Milk: 2.0 to 8% (±0.08%); Full Fat Processed Milk: 4.0 to 12% (±0.08%); Low Fat Processed Milk: 0.2 to 4.0% (±0.06%)
Solids Not Fat (SNF) :3.0 to 15% (±0.15%)
Density :1.0150 to 1.0400 g/cm³ (±0.0005)
Lactose :2.0 to 7% (±0.15%)
Protein :2.0 to 7% (±0.15%)
Added Water :0 to 70% (±3%)
Salts :0.4 to 4.0% (±0.05%)
Temperature of Sample :15 to 30°C
Measuring Cycle :~60 seconds