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Lamy First Pro Plus Programmable Rotational Viscometer

The Lamy First Pro Plus Rotational Viscometer has the same enhanced programming capabilities as the most complete instruments to maximize the repeatability of your measurements.

  • 7’’ Touch screen displays viscosity (cP/Poises or mPa·s / Pa·s), speed, torque, time, shear rate, shear stress, temperature
  • Programmable with datalogging
  • Direct control of temperature with integrated Pt100 temperature probe (-50°C to + 300°C)
  • Direct measure with time to stop
  • User and locked mode
  • Datalogging with RS-232 or USB transfer
  • Torque gauge on display
  • Printer connection

L-1 to L-4 and R-2 to R-7 measuring spindles are compatible with ASTM/ISO 2555 (316L stainless steel). These systems are ideally suited for simple viscosity measurement at controlled rotational speed in all areas of activity. The standard recommends use of 600ml beaker for measurement.

Part NumberViscosity RangeSpindlesStandTorque RangePrice
N702000 8 to 240M mPa·s-Standard0.05 to 13 mNm$7,052.80
N702300 12 to 22M mPa·sL-1 to L-4Standard0.005 to 0.8 mNm$7,478.40
N702301 1 to 22M mPa·s-Standard0.005 to 0.8 mNm$7,052.80
N702700 200 to 240M mPa·sR-2 to R-7Standard0.05 to 13 mNm$7,478.40
N702709 200 to 240M mPa·sR-2 to R-7Rack0.05 to 13 mNm$7,758.40
N702309 15 to 22M mPa·sL-1 to L-4Rack0.005 to 0.8 mNm$7,758.40