MTC Bio Halo™ Single Channel Variable Volume Pipettors

MTC Bio Halo™ Single Channel Variable Volume Pipettors take a modern approach to classic liquid handling. As one of the lightest pipettors ever introduced, Halo™ Pipettors dramatically reduce risk of repetitive stress injury and the general shoulder, arm, and hand fatigue associated with daily pipetting. Reduced actuation forces and ergonomics-first design make Halo™ Pipettors feel balanced and natural in your hand.

With a total of 10 adjustable volume models, MTC Bio Halo™ Single Channel Variable Volume Pipettors include multiple overlapping volume ranges for the ultimate in pipetting accuracy for any sample size from ultra-micro volumes as small as 0.2µl up to macro volumes as large as 10ml.

  • 4 Digit Micrometer with DriftGuard™ Technology

The four digit micrometer and click-based volume adjustment wheel system increases precision while preventing volume drift. Even after hundreds of aspirations your selected volume remains uncompromised.

  • Simple Calibration

In-lab calibration is made possible with the calibration key supplied with every pipette.

  • Ultra Lightweight Ergonomic Design

Ultra lightweight with stress point-reducing contoured edges and soft ejection, Halo pipettes are designed for human comfort.

  • 3 Year Warranty

Rest easy knowing that your pipette is built to last and covered by a three year manufacturer's warranty.

Halo’s 1250µl model unlocks 25% more pipetting capacity compared to traditional 1000µl pipettors. Extended length pipette tips have grown in popularity due to their obvious advantages over the original “short and stubby” 1000µl tips. Finally, there’s a single channel pipette that can actually use the full capacity of these longer 1250µl tips.

Part NumberRangePrice
H6800-2 0.2 to 2 µl$345.00
H6800-10 1 to 10 µl$345.00
H6800-20 2 to 20 µl$345.00
H6800-50 5 to 50 µl$345.00
H6800-100 10 to 100 µl$345.00
H6800-200 20 to 200 µl$345.00
H6800-1M 100 to 1000 µl$345.00
H6800-1MXL 200 to 1250 µl$345.00
H6800-5M 500 to 5000 µl$345.00
H6800-10M 1000 to 10000 µl$345.00