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Sampling Systems Stainless Steel Liquid Funnels

Sampling Systems Stainless Steel Liquid Funnels are ideal for use with a wide range of liquids. The funnels have a fluted spout to help have a smooth pouring action.

  • Available in various sizes from 50mm up to 310mm diameter
  • All stainless steel funnels come in a high quality satin finish that can be easily cleaned between uses
  • Funnels are made from high quality 304 stainless steel that is ideal for almost all applications
  • Supplied with a standard certificate of conformity that confirms the 304 stainless steel and that it is BSE/TSE-free
Part NumberDiameter ODxHStem DiameterPrice
A244-50 50 x 65 mm8 mm$68.73
A244-100 100 x 120 mm12 mm$74.51
A244-120 120 x 140 mm12 mm$109.02
A244-150 150 x 160 mm12 mm$110.67
A244-200 200 x 200 mm20 mm$122.96
A244-250 250 x 325 mm20 mm$125.75
A244-310 310 x 325 mm20 mm$171.48