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Scilogex MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Multi-Channel Pipettors

Scilogex MicroPette Plus autoclavable 8 and 12 multi-channel pipettors are appropriate for 96 well plates and feature precise volume adjustment by turning the thumb plunger mechanism. They are fully autoclavable, enable easy cleaning and reduce the risk of contamination. Steam autoclaving can be performed at 121°C, 1 bar for 20 minutes. After autoclaving, the pipettor must be cooled down and left to dry for 12 hours before use. It is recommended to check the performance of the pipettor after each autoclaving. Greasing and sealing of the pipettor piston after every tenth autoclaving will secure an enhanced function.

  • Six models covering volumes from 0.5 µl to 300 µl
  • Fully autoclavable at 121°C
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience
  • Easy-to-read volume display
  • Staggered tip ejector for easy tip ejection
  • Head rotates 360° for effortless pipetting convenience
  • Easy to calibrate and maintain with supplied tool
  • Manufactured from innovative materials
  • Supplied with an individual calibration certificate according to ISO8655-2:2002
  • 1 year warranty

All Scilogex pipettors have been quality tested according to ISO8655-2:2002 and are supplied with individual calibration certificates. The quality control includes gravimetric testing of each pipettor with distilled water at 22°C.

Part NumberNumber of ChannelsRangeResolutionPrice
71311204 80.5 to 10 µl0.1 μl$1,720.00
71311206 85 to 50 µl0.5 μl$1,720.00
71311212 850 to 300 µl5 μl$1,720.00
71311304 120.5 to 10 µl0.1 μl$777.00
71311306 125 to 50 µl0.5 μl$777.00
71311312 1250 to 300 µl5 μl$777.00